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Wallpaper Scout 1.50

Wallpaper Scout 1.50: Create flash wallpaper and re-distribute it Create flash wallpaper installer and re-distribute it to your web-site visitors, your customers, colleagues or friends. You can customize title, publisher, web-site url, to set custom options for flash movie used in wallpaper, automatically reverts to previous wallpaper when de-installing flash wallpaper. Take a look at step by step tutorial on our web-site that will teach you how to build your own flash wallpaper installer in a few minutes.

TyphoonWallpaper 1.0: Wallpaper manager supports multiple monitors, cycles wallpaper, easy to use.
TyphoonWallpaper 1.0

wallpaper images. TyphoonWallpaper will even automatically cycle through your favorite images, so your desktop`s wallpaper is always fresh and new. If you use dual monitors, you can even pick different wallpaper images for each monitor. 100% Free, No Adware, No Limitations. Features include: Access To The TyphoonWallpaper.Com Library, One Click Downloading Of Wallpaper, Use Your Own Images As Wallpaper, Automatically Cycle Through Wallpaper, Wallpaper

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Wallpaper Hanger Desktop Designer 2.5.0: Desktop wallpaper designer & changer, auto change, crop, resize and combine pics
Wallpaper Hanger Desktop Designer 2.5.0

Wallpaper Hanger Desktop Designer! Create your own custom wallpapers by easily resizing, cropping and combining your pictures. If you’re tired of having the same desktop wallpaper staring back at you every day, Wallpaper Hanger will change your desktop wallpaper for you on the schedule you choose, with the pictures you want displayed on your desktop. Any jpg, gif, png or bmp pictures can be used, including transparent gifs/pngs. Easy to use, just

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Gaia Wallpaper Desktop 1.21: Wallpaper manager with intelligent desktop management and effects.
Gaia Wallpaper Desktop 1.21

wallpaper manager offers intelligent desktop management and cool wallpaper effects. Customize your wallpapers per category. User-friendly interface with personalized advanced features. Enhance your desktop by adding life to your wallpapers. It resizes your wallpapers intelligently, whatever your screen resolution and the dimensions of your wallpapers. Also, it perfectly fits your wallpaper into your screen in a way which you can see your whole wallpaper

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Wallpaper Tuner 1.0

Wallpaper Tuner is a program for customizing the desktop wallpaper. It allows you to precisely position and flexibly zoom the desktop image, use images with the sizes that are not standard for your screen as wallpaper keeping their aspect ratio. The program will be especially useful for those who own wide-screen monitors. Wallpaper Tuner can be integrated into the Explorer context menu and it has a simple and original interface.

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PSP Wallpaper Maker 1.0: free tool to make your favorite wallpaper for your PSP within a minute
PSP Wallpaper Maker 1.0

Wallpaper Maker is one freeware to create wallpaper for PlayStation Portable (PSP) handheld game console. With PSP Wallpaper Maker, you can create your favorite wallpaper within a minute, import your own images, pictures or photo, you can use some easy-to-use enhancement tools to customize your image, then save as PSP wallpaper and upload to your PSP. It is easy tool to help you personalize your PSP by yourself. PSP Wallpaper Maker support image

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CoreDownload Free Wallpaper Changer 2.2: Free wallpaper changer and sequencer utility.
CoreDownload Free Wallpaper Changer 2.2

Wallpaper Changer is a freeware utility that will help you configure your desktop wallpaper easily .You can use all your favorite images as wallpapers. CoreDownload Free Wallpaper Changer supports many file types like JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP. Our free wallpaper changer and sequencer has a simple and intuitive control panel to customize your desktop wallpaper conveniently, full context-sensitive help, and many more... Why pay for something that does the

coredownload wallpaper changer, wallpaper, free, sequencer, changer

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